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I like making things fun.

To be honest, I never understood why photographers who don't capture the emotion get into the wedding business. There is and always has been a magnetic connection between my camera and all the laughs, smiles, & tears.

99% of the time less than 1/4 of the gallery actually gets posted & sent around in family groupchats. And the ones that do? Those are the ones that trigger all the feels & big belly laughs. 



These kinds of photos are the ones that draw me in & fuel the fire behind my business.


Doing the heavy lifting for you.

Meet your new third wheel

I can't go more than 24 hours without craving a donut
I was born in Downingtown PA, and now live in West Chester PA
I'm getting married in Sept 2023 to my best friend in the whole world

An ideal afternoon to me would be sittin in the sun somewhere with a marg in hand and nowhere to be
Meeting new people lights up my soul
I didnt go to college, and pretty much started my photo business after graduating high school

I lead a high school ministry called YoungLife at Downingtown West High School
If you can make me laugh until I pee my pants, you are my kinda human


This is my fiance Tim, and we just got engaged in Nov 2022!! He is the man of my dreams, and we are planning a wedding for Sept 24, 2023 at Springton Manor Farms!


My brother Michael joined the Navy 2 years ago,  and will be graduating from his last school this July before he gets deployed! We've grown so close over the last few years, and it will definitely be a hard adjustment not having him around once he's deployed.


These are my bestest girlfriends in the whole world (& my mama). I believe who we surround ourselves with shapes who we are, and I feel extraordinarily lucky to have found the most supportive and loving friends. 

& lastly, the kind of energy i will bring to your wedding day

my message to you

I'm really really excited you're taking the time to read this because I think getting to know the person whose taking the photos on the most important day of your life is important. I really do just love people. Fresh outta the womb, I had a creative spirit and entrepreneurial hustle in me. I decided to go a different route & chose to dive right into the work world straight out of high school. I knew God was calling me towards an alternate path full of uncertainty, but one baby step at a time, the job of my dreams started falling into place. It all began when I shadowed one of the sweetest wedding photographers I found on facebook (S/O Laura Gares,) and not expecting this at all - I drove home that night in tears so full of certainty that this is what I was meant to do. Learning how to attach a lens to a camera only a few weeks before this wedding, the photos I took that day are still some of my absolute favorites. The next day I drove straight to the camera shop, bought my first camera, and the rest is history. I can truly say my love for this job grows by the day.

There is nothing that fills my soul more than meeting people like you, and watching your relationship radiate in front of my camera. It is my mission to serve you well, and give you the most fun & laughter filled experience you could ever get taking photos :)


The Process

let's chat
If you feel like we'd be a great fit for each other, YAY!!! You can send me an inquiry right here, and I will get back to you ASAP with all my package options! Moving forward from there, I love to set up a facetime call to get to know each other a bit better, and talk through all of your wedding day logistics! It's very important to me to make this process as personable as possible. I deeply deeply care about who you and your future spouse are, and there's nothing I love more than hearing your story, and everything that makes you you!!
dream up your engagement phots
Every package I offer includes a complimentary couple's session! From my experience, it is SO important (and super fun) to meet your photographer before the big day. This gives us a chance to get super comfy with each other, and for you to become familiar with my style. Engagement sessions are SO much fun (& great use for save the date photos!!). These are the photos that truly showcase your relationship - we can go anywhere from your favorite to brewery to the comfort of your own home!!  
plan and prep
I am a HUGE planner and organizer, so prepare for me to bombard you with 938 questions about your big day, haha. I create custom photography timelines with every couple to ensure we stay on track with timing, and send over a thorough questionnaire to be as prepared as possible for all the logistics. Your wedding day means a lot to me too, and I want to serve you as best as I can on one of the biggest days of your life.

5 words to describe my work

 timeless / giggly / playful / dreamy / & fun

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