This is where the party's at


I like making things fun.

To be honest, i never understood why photographers who dont capture the most emotional moments get into the wedding business. There is and always has been a magnetic connection between my camera + laughs, smiles, & tears.

99% of the time less than 1/4 of the gallery actually gets posted & sent around in family groupchats. And the ones that do? Those are the ones that trigger all the feels & big belly laughs. 



These kinds of photos are the ones that draw me in & fuel the fire behind my business.


Hear me out friend, I gotchu!

cozy up
I want you to feel fully comfortable and fully yourself. Nobody ever feels like this when in front of a camera, and that's where I step in to help. I bring my speaker, and we play games, move around, practice your first dance, and tell embarrassing stories about each other. I swear I'm a pretty fun third wheel.
laugh a lot
Candid photos are my JAM. Capturing laughter is part of what drew me into the wedding world in the first place. My style is laid back and silly because no photo will make the family group chat more than the pee your pants moments.
plan it out
I am nothing less than a planner. Leading up to the big day, we talk through all the things to create photos that will best tell the story of your authentic day. Crunched getting ready time, extraordinarily fun exits, dreamy golden hour rays, scary mother in laws; we'll talk through it all.

Doing the heavy lifting for you.

capturing each and every single moment.


Meet your fun third wheel.

the basics:

I can't go more than 24 hours without craving a donut
I was born in Downingtown PA, now livin in West Chester PA in a house with 8 girls and no air conditioning 
I'm down for ANY kind of adventure ... except sky diving
Meeting new people gives me life 
I lead a high school ministry called YoungLife in Downingtown
My life long dream is to live on a sweet little farm that doubles as a wedding venue
One of my favorite people is Bob Goff - if ya know, ya know
If you can make me laugh until I pee my pants, you will automatically become my best friend
Sometimes I watch too much southern reality TV and start saying "ya'll." Plz don't hire me if I say that to you. Im not from the south.

I'm really really excited you're taking the time to read this because I think getting to know the person whose taking the photos on the most important day of your life is i m p o r t a n t. I really do just love people. Fresh outta the womb, I had a creative spirit and entrepreneurial hustle in me. It was only over a year ago, I decided to go a different route & chose to dive right into the work world straight out of high school. I knew God was calling me towards an alternate path full of uncertainty, but it's one of those things that just makes sense now. I spent the first year out of school thinking free lancing social media services was 100% going to be my full time gig, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Yes, it was a necessary step in the right direction, but a little voice telling me to try out photography took me somewhere completely different. I showed up at a wedding the sweetest photographer let me come along on, and not expecting this at all - she let me take as many photos as I wanted. Learning how to attach a lens to a camera only a few weeks before, the photos I took that day are still some of my absolute favorites. It was that night I drove him in tears feeling more filled with purpose and joy than ever before. The next day I bought a $1600 camera, and now I'm better than ever at attaching lenses to it too.

that's pretty much the gist!
if you don't want to hire me and just be my friend, im cool with that too. Cant wait to meet you!!
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