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there's a reason you're here

and I couldn't be more excited about it


Long story short, this is a long time dream of mine FINALLY being put into action. 

I love what I do. It truly is nothing short of a dream job. I personally believe our mission here in this lifetime has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with others. It has been a ROLLERCOASTER of a journey to get this business to where it is today, and throughout the last couple years these are the desires that just haven't left my mind:

1. To mentor those HUNGRY to become a photographer and start their own business

2. To TEACH all that I've been able to learn throughout the process of mustering up the guts to start my very own wedding photography business to shooting 30+ weddings a year.

there's a reason you're here

let's face it - starting a photography business is hard

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